Gentle Birth

GentleBirth is a complete childbirth preparation programme that teaches easy Hypnosis, Mindfulness Techniques for Birth, Sports Psychology & CBT, which enable you to feel calm, confident and in control throughout your pregnancy and during your labour.

Developed by midwife, birth expert, hypnotherapist and author of Ireland’s two leading pregnancy/birthing guides - ‘The Better Birth Book’ and ‘The Irish Caesarean and VBAC Guide’ - Tracy Donegan, the materials draw on research done by Dr Michel Odent, Dr Sarah J Buckley and Dr Grantly Dick Read. The programme replaces fear and anxiety concerning birth with feelings of confidence and control and many Irish midwives and doctors are now recommending GentleBirth as an important part of antenatal education.

How does it work?

Most of us have grown up listening to horror stories of childbirth, seeing dramatic and traumatic images of childbirth on medical dramas, in films etc. As a result when we get pregnant our joy can often turn to fear as we realise we actually have to birth the baby and those images and voices come into our head.

GentleBirth changes those perceptions. Working on our subconscious brain – the part of our body that pumps the blood around our body, grows our cells and so forth - it rewires the thinking we have concerning birth and replaces any fear we may have with feelings of calmness and confidence. Self hypnosis and relaxation during labour reduce the hormones that increase pain levels and anxiety (adrenaline) and promote the release of hormones that help labour progress comfortably and quickly.

Getting started- The GentleBirth App is here!

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.


You’ve heard the horror stories that everyone can't wait to tell've been glued to One Born Every Minute. You’re now wondering if there is a way that you can give yourself the best chance of a positive birth, a birth where you and your partner can feel calm, confident and in control. A birth that is gentle for your baby.

Most couples come to our workshops not because they are completely ruling out the epidural but because they want to do everything they can to have a positive experience. The epidural can be a great tool for labour if needed but after your GentleBirth workshop you and your partner will have a multitude of birth 'tools' and strategies in your labour 'toolkit'.

GentleBirth workshops are not like other antenatal classes. The GentleBirth Workshop is the only class in Ireland that focuses on birth preparation for the biggest day of your life - and your baby's. Lots of classes attempt to squeeze in 9 months of antenatal education in to a one day class as well as birth preparation but we're different. We don't teach you how to change nappies or how to bathe your baby (we know you'll have that figured out very quickly). Our focus is preparing you for the most positive birth possible - no matter what comes your way on the big day.
We provide you with the roadmap to a positive birth. With over 8 years of experience supporting clients through Irish maternity services we help you navigate and negotiate the system. You and your partner get the inside track - so you can make the system work for you.

The workshop is for parents who want to be actively involved in decision making and prefer to have an understanding of what choices are available to them for labour and birth in Ireland. You and your partner will learn a LOT more than just self hypnosis. Hypnosis is just one of the many tools you'll have to use on the big day depending on your individual experiences.

With over 85% of GentleBirth mums not needing an epidural you're already off to a good start. Our Mums and Dads are not martyrs or looking for medals. They practice and prepare for the big day just like they would train for an athletic event but the key is mental preparation rather than physical. Mums who attend GentleBirth workshops are from all walks of life - teachers, stay at home mums, scientists, midwives and more. Like you, they've all heard the scary stories and have decided to stack the deck in their favour of having a great birth experience rather than leaving the biggest day of their lives up to chance.

When will workshops begin?

Coming soon

Where are classes held?

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Prepare for your birth with GentleBirth