VLOG: Understanding Your Newborn

My VLOG about understanding your Newborn and The 'Forth Trimester'. Click Here

2018 lets be having you!

My new 2018 diary reads…
"Another brand new year is here and there’s no better time to recharge your energy and get set to make 2018 bigger and better than 2017.
This year abandon all worries, doubts and fears and instead live with passion, purpose and joy.
Turn your dreams into goals, get inspired, explore new horizons, go for new adventures and live with no regrets’’
~MiGOALS Diary 2018~ 

There’s a lot in that but when you break it down.. Read more

Robyns Christening, Weaning Tips and more..

Christenings, Weaning and Christmas preparations… We’ve been busy!

I can’t believe we are just around the corner from Christmas!
It’s been very busy over the past few weeks for us so we are looking forward to a little downtown over the holidays.
I’m sure most parents are the same at this time of year. Running around, full-steam ahead, read more

Once a caesarean, always a caesarean ?

Photo credit : Maria Rusk Photography

That old phrase “Once a caesarean always a caesarean” is just that…old.
Times are changing, slowly in some cases when to comes to our health service, but today in Ireland, if a women has had a caesarean birth previously and wishes to have a vaginal birth on her next baby, she should be supported to do so. Read More

Preparing for another child

Is your second or third baby on the way?  Do you feel prepared?

So this blog post is well over due!
My excuse? The arrival of Robyn, our second little girl, our house move, house renovations, (delays with the renovations!) and all the other bits that life with two little ones throws at you!  
Anyway, here I am, feeding Robyn, typing with my one free hand, sitting at my new kitchen island (it’s still a real novelty!) and Ayla is upstairs having a nap so all is good in our world!

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Baby weaning and establishing good eating habits

Bump, Baby and Me
24th May 17 | Parent Trap
Kathy from Bump, Baby and Me gives us her tips on weaning and fussy eating habits
So time is ticking along pretty quickly and since starting my maternity leave I’m really enjoying spending quality time with Ayla. 
Every single day she surprises me with the phrases she’s picked up and just watching her physical capabilities maturing is so amazing.
Things that I would have helped her with a little while ago are now really easy for her.
I can only imagine when this baby comes along how big she will seem! Read more

Taking time out before Number Two comes along.

Bump, Baby and Me

15th May 17 | Parent Trap


Taking time to re-connect with your partner in todays busy world can be tough... especially when children are involved!
I can’t tell you how many people advised Steve and myself to get a night away by ourselves before Baby No. 2 arrived and things got REALLY busy.
‘It’s one thing getting one baby looked after…but two…’ and cue eyebrows rising upwards.
So, needless to say, we took their advice and I am so glad we did as we found a little gem in doing so.
It was family to the rescue when it came to looking after Ayla. My sister and her family took her for the day and Steve’s mum stayed in ours overnight with her. (More about that later!)... Read more



Packing your hospital bag

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me guides you through getting organised before heading to the hospital
It’s that time again! Now that I am 35 weeks pregnant it’s time to start getting organised! Top of my to-do list is to pack my hospital bag. Once that’s done, I‘ll feel more at ease.
Steve took down a bag of newborn clothes from the attic, we picked out the unisex babygros, vests and blankets and they’ve all been washed. Some of the clothes are so tiny looking, it’s hard to imagine Ayla was ever that small! Seeing them again brings back lots of memories of her birth and our first few days in the hospital together 22 months ago! I’m starting to get really excited thinking that in the coming weeks I will, please God, have another healthy baby in my arms. READ MORE

Importance of quality time

We had a lovely trip to Sheen Falls in Kenmare, Co.Kerry over St Patrick’s weekend. We packed for all seasons, as you do when you are holidaying in Ireland! The just in case things (thermometer, calpol, paralink, an extra this and a spare that) were all packed too. That’s the beauty (or the danger!) of travelling in the car- no baggage restrictions!
The last time we were in Sheen Falls was when Ayla was just 2 months old. This time around we were looking forward to swimming in the pool, going for nice walks, having some good food, (a few Guinness for Steve) and mainly spending some quality time all together.READ MORE

Ayla`s new phrases and trips to the Zoo!

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me chats about how having an active toddler impacts your choice of activities.
Having a toddler has really opened up the world of activities for us. We are so lucky to have lots of amenities so close to home and Dublin Zoo is one of our favourites!
My sister-in-law gave us the fantastic gift of an Annual Zoo Pass at Christmas so we have been taking full advantage of it! Ayla loves running around and chatting to all the animals. READ MORE

Love Is In The Air

Hello February (& adiós January!) It feels good to be well into the second month of the year, doesn’t it?
Spring is officially upon us, although I’m not long back in after a walk with Ayla and the circulation is just about returning to my fingers. Winter obviously hasn’t got the memo that Spring is taking over!
Regardless of the cold weather, it was great to see so many people out and about all bundled up, not giving into the gusts and threatening hail showers.  Kids were running about in the park, completely oblivious of what nature was throwing at them and their parents clutched hot coffee cups, trying in vain to do the same! READ MORE

Just 5 Minutes a day can make a BIG difference...

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me has had a happy, positive January so far. Mainly thanks to something she does for just 5 minutes a day…
I hope January has been kind to you all.
So far, so good, for all of us here thankfully.
We started the year off taking a few days break in Westport with my sister and her family.
This consisted of taking walks in the misty Mayo rain, eating, sleeping, playing charades, playing pool (the house we rented was pretty well equipped!), eating some more and catching up properly after all our kiddies went to bed. READ MORE

The first blog of 2017

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me reflects on 2016 but has good reason to look forward to 2017!
So it’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write about what’s been going on!
I’ve settled back in to my job in the maternity hospital but with balancing that and doing my classes, spending time with family and looking after Ayla my writing took a little bit of a back seat.  I’m glad to be getting some time now to sit down and write (Ayla’s napping, Steve’s doing some work, dinner is prepped and the 2 crazy Bengals are settled in for a sleep on the couch!) READ MORE