Mum & Baby Yoga

I have collaborated with numerous womens health physiotherapists, osteopaths and personal trainers on this active, fun, class that allows you to exercise with your baby in the weeks and months following birth. Along with yoga poses we will use light weights, resistance bands & foam rollers to enhance your exercise experience. Mums will enjoy this energising class, moving their body through challenging poses while also learning those all important relaxation techniques! The class is ‘baby-led’ which means you are welcome to tend to your babys needs (changing, feeding, cuddling etc!) throughout. 


Bonding: Allows you that special time to bond with your baby. You will gain confidence in handling and communicating with your baby during this fun class while enjoying postures that are beneficial for you both.

Increases strength & mobility: Exercise safely after birth: Yoga is a great way to gently introduce the body to exercise again post pregnancy. Used in conjunction with the other methods we use, it will gently strengthen and tone the muscles, building abdominal strength, working the pelvic floor while reducing tightness and tension in all areas of the body.

Socialising: The class is a great reason to get out and about after your baby’s birth. Meet and interact with other mums and babies in your area. Share tips and ideas in class and make new friends.

Breathing /relaxation skills: Learn breathing techniques to keep you calm, & centered while relaxing your mind and body, helping you adapt to motherhood and promoting better sleep for you & your baby.

Play time: Have fun! This is a special time for you and your baby to play and interact using sound, rhymes, singing and movement.

Massage and touch: Learn strokes to help relieve gas and colic pains while stimulating your baby’s digestive & immune system.

What is the cost?

4 week course € 65 / Drop in rate €18 (Please note classes are non transferable)

What do I bring?

A yoga mat, a blanket for your baby & their regular changing bag/toys. It’s a good idea to wear something you are both comfortable in, that will allow stretching & movement.

When can I start classes?

Mums can attend after their post partum check-up - most feel comfortable joining the class from approx 2- 3 months post partum up until baby is at pre-crawling stage.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held in the Parish Centre @ St. Sylvesters Church, Malahide Village. 

Private 'Group sessions' (Baby Massage / Mum & Baby Yoga) Get a group of friends / family togther and have some fun in a a location of your choice.