Positive Birth Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is wonderful for strengthening your body (& mind!) during your pregnancy and preparing you physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby. Along with practising yoga, you will use resistance bands & foam rollers to enhance your exercise experience. 

The aim of my pregnancy yoga class is to have you feeling confident going into labour and taking on your new role as a mum!

During the classes you will learn how to
  • Use breathing techniques and positions that will help during your labour
  • Relax both body and mind
  • Get better posture and balance
  • Feel empowered to birth your baby
  • Work your pelvic floor
  • Increase your flexibility and stamina
  • Develop a bond with your baby & create positive birth visualizations
  • Alleviate common pre-natal complaints

What do the classes cost?

Courses run for 4 weeks:  4 weeks €55 (Please note classes are non transferable)

Drop in classes – Join any time. The cost is €15 and are subject to class space. 

All classes need to be booked in advance.

What should I wear and bring to class?

As there is a lot of movement during the class it is best to wear comfortable clothing. Dependant on the venue it’s a good idea to bring a yoga mat, pillow and a blanket. It’s important to stay hydrated so bring along a bottle of water and a pair of cosy socks to keep warm during relaxation.

When can I start classes?

As your body is undergoing so much change in the first few months, we recommend that you do not start pregnancy yoga until you are 12/13 weeks pregnant. From then on you can practice right up until you have your baby.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held in the new Parish Centre @ St. Sylvesters Church, Malahide Village.

Pregnancy yoga with Bump Baby & Me provide classes where you learn more than just yoga. Fun is had, ideas and tips are shared and friendships are often made.