Baby Massage

4 Week Course •€130

Baby massage is a wonderful experience that you can share with your baby. It’s an ancient and loving art that can help you both to adjust to your new life together.

It helps to relax both you and your baby and provides some lovely bonding time for you. In this class, we run through some tried and tested techniques in a relaxed and friendly environment that can help alleviate issues your baby may experience such as trapped wind, gas, colic and constipation. The classes are completely baby-led, so your baby can cry, laugh, sleep or feed during the session! At the end of each class there is time to enjoy some refreshments and chat to fellow parents.

We want you to go away empowered to share this wonderful gift with your baby for years to come.

Cancellation Policy

Please note there is a cancellation policy of one week for all courses/ workshops.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring, what to wear, when to start & where classes are held.
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Course Details

Courses run for 4 weeks and the cost is €130.
Up to €100 is reclaimable on many Health Insurance policies.
We recommend you check your individual plan.

All classes must be booked in advance.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage